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Working with Andrea is unique in that her approach feels genuinely tailored to each of her clients. Andrea is not only knowledgeable, she’s approachable and trustworthy. As soon as we started meeting, Andrea helped me devise a plan with milestones to help me achieve my goals within a year of coaching. I am proud to say I now manage a team of six, and continue to use Andrea’s tactics and advice in my everyday management style.
— Nicole, Director of Marketing
Thank you for the gift of Andrea Wright and for the passion and tireless effort she put out in this endeavor and all her other amazing workshops.

— Rick, Superintendent
Andrea was truly instrumental in training me. She helped me in person, over the phone and through email. She made sure to help me get as much of the training as she possibly could. She always made me feel like I was important and part of the process even when I felt like I was pretty much alone because of my odd shifts. Andrea is truly a tremendous asset and extremely caring and helpful. She’s intelligent, thoughtful, creative, kind and dedicated. Without her, my career could have been a failure.
— Mike,

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CTP Solutions, LLC is located in Beverly Hills, MI. We work with clients throughout the United States and Canada.