CTP Solutions, LLC collaborated with ProCon Solutions LLC and Colden Company, Inc. to create the webinar “The “KEY” to Software Implementation Success”.

The webinar focuses on preparation opportunities in change, planning and design. Steps reviewed included 1. Get really clear and make a plan, 2. Collaborate with your team and 3. Prepare to go shopping. Access the webinar recording here for more unique insights construction companies can follow when preparing to implement new ERP software.


Setting up Implementation Training for Successful Technology Adoption

Have you ever implemented new software, trained the whole company and then less than a month later your end users are complaining they either haven’t been trained, they don’t remember the training, or they simply can’t use the new program? Understanding the basics of how people learn and tweaking your approach can help you avoid these situations, launch a new initiative more effectively, and achieve greater adoption throughout your organization. It can also ease the fear and stress of trying something new.

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The 5 Keys to successfully launching technology change initiatives

The key to successful technology adoption is communicating change that allows our teams the time to understand, digest and get on board with the decision. Often, by the time the change is communicated, the implementers have given their buy-in and gone through the change process without ever communicating and getting feedback from the end users, thus not allowing them to move through the change process.

5 Steps to Ensuring Technology Adoption

There are a few steps you can take to help your end users adopt new technology that will lead to more success. As soon as you decide on a new technology, let impacted end users know that ….

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A Viewpoint on Construction - Episode 11: The Path to Successful Technology Transformations

Technology is booming in the construction industry, but not all contractors are prepared for the rapid-fire pace at which technology is being implemented, nor how to put it to good use. In this episode of A Viewpoint on Construction, we welcome Andrea Wright, CEO and founder of CTP Solutions, LLC. Wright discusses how to best shift through the technology minutiae, overcome hesitation and resistance and build out a successful technology strategy. Hear why having a realistic approach to change management is key and why it’s important to show all generations of users the benefits of change.


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The Era of the Digital Contractor

Modernizing Operations with Technology

Wright recently started her own company, CTP Solutions, LLC, to help contractors, including Sachse Construction, modernize their operations and maximize team member potential.

“It’s imperative for contractors to embrace change and digitize,” Wright said. “Construction has traditionally been way behind in terms of technology, but that’s quickly changing now. If we want to appeal to younger generations of construction professionals, we’ve got to get in the game. Contractors are also being required to build faster, smarter and have more mobility—to do things in real time at the office, at the jobsite, on the go. If you are not leveraging technology to do that, you’re just not going to get the job done anymore.”

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Setting the Tech Tones:

An Interview with Andrea Wright

By Andy Holtmann of Viewpoint on November 13, 2018

One of our clients will be featured in next month’s issue of Construction Business Owner magazine in an article on modernizing contractors’ operations through technology.

We wanted to share some key highlights of that interview:

What are two or three tips you can give to other contractors that might feel lost or overwhelmed when it comes to modernizing their own operations?

Wright: One of them is: Get help. There are people out there that can help you go through the process of evaluating and picking new technologies. It might seem like it’s expensive, but your return on investment for this will be ten times what you’re going to spend. This is a commitment that you’re going to make for a long time.

Another tip is: Plan for the right amount of resources from your company. It’s not one person that can implement this and be done with it. You’re going to need people from all over the company to come in and really rethink and restructure how you’re doing this. Take this opportunity to re-imagine, simplify, fine tune and modernize your processes.

A third, and very important tip: Don’t modify the software. That means don’t take your processes — the routines you’re used to — and try to morph the software to fit your processes. Instead, take the software and change your processes to use the software as it was meant to be used. If you try and change the software before you truly understand how to use it and realize its features and functionality, you’re going to ruin it before you start. Then you’re stuck with it forever. Go in at the beginning with a less is more approach. Then, a year or so later, once users are using it the way it was intended and savvy about the software, you can decide if you want to make changes and make them smartly. Nine times out of 10, you’ll find you won’t need to make any changes.

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