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  • Doing more with less effort

  • Gaining more confidence

  • Creating amazing strategies to achieve your goals

  • Discovering your barriers and breaking them down

  • Having an unbiased sounding board to clear the noise holding you back

  • Understanding who are you why you do what you do

  • Finally achieving goals you haven’t been able to



My sweet spot is strategizing and managing anything related to change

I have a knack for helping people discover what they want and achieve thier goals. My experience

I have a knack for helping people sort through the noise in their lives and in the heads to discover what they want and then help them create the plans to make it happen.

I have been creating change for over 20 years by working alone, within a team and by leading teams. I have worked with all levels of the organization in small to large companies

I work with you to achieve your personal and professional best and produce the results you want.  We help you discover and evaluate where you are in your professional and personal lives as it pertains to success, happiness, and balance.  We help you clear obstacles and move your goals and aspirations forward. 

I empower you to find new ways to create the life you really want


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  • Define who you are

  • Define your goals

  • Define actionable steps to meet your goals

  • Uncover what is stopping you from meeting your goals

  • Develop trust with others

  • Develop more confidence

  • Recover from burn out and never return thier again

  • Be held accountable

  • Define and achieve the work/life balance you want

  • Understand other personalities

  • Motivate others

  • Enhance your leadership abilities

  • Break through your barriers

  • Create new postive habits


Andrea gave me the tools that I needed to revise my plans based on a firm understanding of my personality and methodology / approach to tasks, solving problems, etc. I finally understood why I wasn’t achieving what I wanted and that my way was not the wrong way. It was simply my way.
— Katrina,


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